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Volunteering and Parent Help

Swimming Waikato, as with other regional bodies, requires that clubs provide 1 timekeeper/official for every 4 swimmers entered in each session of a swim meet. St Peter’s Swimming Club supports this requirement.

As with any sport, swim meets are unable to proceed without officials, and this especially applies to swimming due to the number of timekeepers and poolside officials required.

 As part of your membership to St Peter’s Swimming Club, we ask that a member from each swimming family volunteers for each swim meet they have entered whenever possible.
Volunteers required at each swim meet during the season include Timekeepers and Team Managers:

  • Timekeepers - get a prime position at the end of the lane. Your job is to time races using a stopwatch and touch pad buttons (when touch pads are used) and record times on the timesheet. There are usually two or three timekeepers per lane.

  • Team Managers - are responsible for managing the team at the meet; making sure swimmers go to marshalling at the required time; withdrawing and scratching swimmers when required; collecting DQ forms etc.

Our Convenor will post notifications on Facebook and TeamApp and coordinate volunteers when required for swim meets.

Other roles are also needed and there is a development pathway through Swimming Waikato to train officials required to run swim meets. These roles include IOT (Inspector of turns) and Starter. If this is something you are interested in, please contact our Registrar to find out more.

During the year we run 2-3 major fundraisers that include our own swim meets held in June and November, plus others such as product sales, raffles, quiz nights or other events. If you are interested in helping with these fundraising efforts, please contact a committee member or coach.